Player Review: Trevor Daley

Trevor Daley #6 D

  • 27 years old
  • 6 years left on his contract. Unrestricted free agent in the 2017-2018 season.
  • Will make $3.3 million next season.
Year Games Played Goals Assists Points +/-   PIM   SOG   PPG    PPA   SHG   TOI/G  
2010-2011 82 8 19 27 +7 34 131 2 3 0 22:29
Career Average   71.4 4.9 13.7 18.6 +.7 54.4 88.9 .7 3.1 0
Peak Numbers 82 8 19 27 +7 87 131 2 5 0 22:29


In a disappointing season (at the end at least), one of the brightest spots was the play of Trevor Daley. Due to a combination of injuries and lack of roster depth, Daley was thrust into the top pair of the defense for much of the season. He responded by putting up or tying career highs in goals, assists, points and basically every other offensive category on the board. After Alex Goligoski came to Dallas in a trade, Daley was moved back to the second line, which is where he belongs on this team.

For much of the year, Daley was as consistent as you could get. He was good for at least four points a month and when he scored a goal, it was pretty much a guarantee that the Stars would win. In the eight games where he scored a goal, Dallas won seven of them. He was a reliable, though easily forgettable, player.

Like every other Stars’ player, he had a difficult time after the All-Star break as he only had five assists and three goals in the last three months of the year (a span of 32 games). Of course, some of Daley’s drop-off can be attributed to the addition of Goligoski to the team.

Once Goligoski took over Daley’s spot in the top pair, Daley’s numbers dipped significantly. Goligoski was on board for the final 23 games of the regular season, and Daley saw his game time drop by nearly five minutes per game during that time span. His offensive numbers suffered as a result and he only mananged five points in those final 23 games. He had only one point in the final 14 games of the season.

Daley wasn’t a huge factor in the divisional games but he did have a pretty good season against the Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks were one of three teams that he had at least three points against (though he did have six games against them).

For the coming years, Dallas can only hope that Trevor continues to develop his game. He’s a pretty good offensive player, but they need him to shore up his skills on the defensive end. He’ll be where he belongs now for the next couple of years (on the second line), so his expectations will never get to large proportions. He was a liability on the defensive end going up against the top offensive players of other teams (although that happens to a lot of guys) so a move to the second line will relieve some pressure.

Dallas has him signed on for the next six seasons so they obviously see him as one of the building blocks of the team. If he is able to produce despite his reduced ice time, good things will happen to the team.

Stats Legend:

  • +/-: Plus/Minus Ratings
  • PIM: Penalty Minutes
  • SOG: Shots on Goal
  • PPG: Power-Play Goals
  • PPA: Power-Play Assists
  • SHG: Short-Handed Goals
  • TOI/G: Time on Ice per Game