Who to Root For?

After watching the first set of games in the NHL playoffs, I’ve realized that without the Stars, I have absolutely no rooting interests this year. Playoff games are exciting enought as they are, but a team to root for would certainly be nice. So as Stars fan, what team would be acceptable? The city closest to Dallas (Nashville Predators)? The team with the most goals (Vancouver Canucks)? The most exciting player (lots of choices here)?

After juggling a few ideas, I’ve decided that the team with the most former Dallas Stars would be the most appropriate, that is if you don’t already have a team to root for. So without further ado, here’s the list of former Stars in this year’s NHL playoffs and a few reasons why, or why not, to root for their respective teams.


Washington Capitals

Player Name Years with Stars         
Jason Arnott 2001-2006
John Erskine              2001-2006               

Why root for them:

  • When it happens, you’ll be among the first to see the Ovechtrick.
  • If you don’t, Jaws might show up on your doorstep. (Somehow Ovie has all his teeth there)

Why Not:

  • The possiblity of a Russian takeover in Washington.


New York Rangers

Player Name              Years with Stars          
Sean Avery 2008-2009

Why root for them:

  • If you say it really fast and slur it a bit, Brandon Dubinsky kinda sounds like Dirk Nowitzki.

Why Not:

  • It’s New York. No one outside of New York wants them to win.
  • You can’t root for this.

Philadelphia Flyers

 No former Stars on this team so no reason to root for them! Although it kinda looks like Blair Betts will curse you if you don’t.

Buffalo Sabres


Again, no former Stars on the team so don’t root for the Sabres. Also, rub this in while not rooting for them.

Montreal Canadians

Player Name              Years with Stars          
Jeff Halpern 2006-2008
Alex Auld 2009-2010

Why root for them:

  • Carey Price living up to his expectations. One of the best goalies in the NHL today.
  • You can confuse causal playoff hockey fans by telling them you are rooting for the Habs.
  • Many past players for the Stars had stops in Montreal during their career.
  • Hamrlik sounds like it would be an interesting event in the next Olympics.

Why not:

  • They’re all the way in Canada, about as far away from Dallas as a team can get.
  • P.K Subban apparently went to the Arjen Robben school of diving.

Pittsburgh Penguins


Player Name              Years with Stars          
James Neal 2008-2011
Chris Conner 2006-2009
Matt Niskanen 2007-2011

Why root for them:

  • In the hopes that Sidney Crosby can make a full recovery from his injury.
  • They’re without their two best players, yet playing great hockey. It would be an impressive feat.

Why not:

  • They won the Cup recently. There should be new blood this year.


Tampa Bay Lightning


Player Name              Years with Stars          
Mike Smith 2006-2008

Why root for them:

  • It’s kinda fun to say Martin St.Louis.
  • We did get Brad Richards from them, though he’s most likely gone next year.

Why not:

  • Steve Yzerman is their GM. It’s too tough to root for a former Red Wing.


Vancouver Canucks


Player Name              Years with Stars          
Manny Malhotra 2001-2004

Why root for them:

  • Finally figuring out which Sedin is which and then wondering again how Vancouver managed to get both of them.
  • Roberto Luongo. It’s amazing how good this guy is.

Why not:

  • They were the best team in the NHL this year and the favorite. No reason to jump on a bandwagon.


Chicago Blackhawks

Player Name              Years with Stars          
Marty Turco 2000-2010

Why root for them:

  • A Stanley Cup ring for Marty Turco. He had a lot to live up to replacing Ed Belfour and he had a fine career in Dallas. He deserves a ring no?
  • Despite winning last year, they are underdogs in their first series. Everyone loves the underdog..

Why not:

  • They won the Cup last year so another team should win this year.
  • They were the last team in the playoffs, just ahead of the Stars.


San Jose Sharks

No former Stars here so onto the next team!


Los Angeles Kings

No Stars in sight. No rooting interests in the Sharks and Kings series.


Detroit Red Wings

Player Name              Years with Stars          
Mike Modano 1989-2010
Doug Janik 2008-2009

Why root for them:

  • So Mike Modano can retire with a ring, John Elway style.

Why not:

  • It’s the Red Wings. Stars fans can’t root for the Red Wings.
  • The last time Dallas was in the playoffs, Detroit was the team to knock them out in the Conference Finals.
  • Once again, it’s the Red Wings.


Phoenix Coyotes

No Stars here so no rooting interests, although it’s tough not to root for this.

Dave Tippet is their coach though so you might root for him.


Anaheim Ducks

Player Name              Years with Stars          
Brad Winchester 2007-2008
Dan Ellis 2003-2004

Why root for them:

  • You know what, I just can’t root for the Ducks.

Why not:

  • Corey Perry


Nashville Predators

No former Stars on this team, but root for them to beat Anaheim anyway.